Cybergoth culture

Where a futurist, post-apocalyptic world meets manga fashion and the Cyber Punk universe, we find a movement popularised by youngsters since the 90s: Cybergoth, with no real connection to the original Goth movement outside of some dress codes. While countercultures are often associated with a genre of music, the cybergoths are influenced by various genres: techno, punk or electro-industrial (Dark electro, Aggrotech), with bands like Grendel, Punish Yourself, Suicide Commando, Agonoize, Skinny Puppy, FrontLine Assembly, Hocico, and dozens more.

The Cybergoth look

The first thing that stands out in members of this counterculture are the colours they wear. In a mixture of elements borrowed from other movements, there are bright and contrasting, sometimes garish colours, paired with a dominant black. Green or fluorescent pink, electric blue or bright red, which are sensitive to neon lighting for an even more eye-catching look in a club or at a festival. Another specificity of the cybergoth look are hair extensions, synthetic dreadlocks, cyberlox and other manga-style foamies with flashy colours.

The girls wear shorts or short skirts with fishnet stockings, a corset or vinyl bustier and platform boots. Usually, they pair a primary colour with black and try to match the outfit accordingly, but there are no set rules. The guys wear oversized cargo-style trousers, heavy gothic boots with metal buckles and the same accessories as the girls: fantasy contact lenses, gasmasks or steampunk goggles on the forehead and coloured plastic jewellery.

The New Rock Cybergoth styles

Cybergoth shoes

In the collections of New Rock, cybergoth girls and guys will find the model of shoes or boots that matches their look the best. Rangers-style in leather, black lacquered or coloured and textured with geometric patterns and platform soles, or thigh-high platforms that reach over the knee. And there are also the Pisa and Hybrid unisex collections of trainers or else the Urban collection, platform trainers for women with a futuristic design.

The reputation of New Rock has been built on a long tradition of artisanal shoemaking and a catalogue of shoes and leather boots in unique styles. Impeccable craftsmanship and finishings, hundreds of models inspired by the Rock, BikerPunk and Goth movements, but also more classic shoes have made the brand well-known throughout the entire world.

Cybergoth boots

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