Rock culture.

In just a few years, Rock music, in its Rock ‘n’ Roll form, was to experience global success that continues today. In the south of the United States in the early 50s, musicians like Bill Haley and Elvis Presley composed songs inspired by blues and jazz, but also by bluegrass and European folk music. The appearance of electric guitars and 45-rpm discs as well as the emergence of radio stations would play a part in the explosion of Rock ‘n’ Roll music that started in 1954.

Elvis Presley

Later, from the 70s onwards, Rock would evolve into multiple genres with Hard Rock, Punk Rock and Heavy Metal, each with its own style and dress code.

The original Rock style

It is difficult to define the rock clothing style exactly, since it has been used excessively by fashion designers and brands. Moreover, the range is wide, from the Beatles’ suit and tie to the Ramones’ Perfecto jacket, but there are nonetheless common elements between all these styles, starting with the colour black, a rebel attitude and a provocative gait.

Iron Maiden          AC/DC           Metallica

Whether you’re a man or a woman, a white t-shirt, faded skinny jeans, boots or creepers and a vintage leather aviator jacket make for a typical 60s rock look. At the same time, a dinner jacket worn without tie but with cowboy boots, in the style of Serge Gainsbourg, also fits with rock style. Girls like to wear oversized t-shirts with an AC/DC or Iron Maiden print, paired with a denim skirt or very short shorts and platform-soled ankle boots.

New Rock boots

New Rock, the number 1 Rock shoe

The essential brand of alternative fashion, New Rock offers a huge catalogue of different styles of Rangers, in rock style, faithful to the original models, or more punk, with studs and metal inserts, but also an incredible collection of cowboy boots and ankle boots in leather and snakeskin, high-heeled pumps and ankle boots – very rockabilly – Creepers platform shoes, not to mention timeless suede Sleepers. The quality materials, irreproachable craftsmanship and finishing, and unique rock styles of New Rock shoes have built the reputation of the brand around the world.

New Rock creepers

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