The style of the street.

Not all clothing styles have been inspired by bands or music artists. Trends are also born on the street, where everyone develops their own style according to their personal taste. While fashion bloggers and social networks have accelerated this movement, it was in the 60s that journalists, photographers and fashion designers began to take an interest in what was happening in the streets. Today, Instagram is probably the site where you can discover most of the fashion victims presenting their looks, or sometimes even their own creations.

Paris, Milan, New York, London and more recently Shanghai – all the global capitals have been touched by the phenomenon, each with their style reference and dress codes. Women’s magazines frequently compile trending looks that will have an influence on the public at large as well as designers’ runways. We start with “La Parisienne”, who still seduces women around the world with her undefinable style: a classy suit, a long wool coat for winter, a skinny jean and slouchy, high-heeled boots. The Japanese are perhaps more audacious, with very surprising combinations of colours and materials, manga inspirations with platform soles or skirts for the guys. The British are not to be outdone in terms of creativity, and aren’t afraid to mix designer items with their own creations or with discount clothing and shoes: destroyed jeans and Scottish tartan coats in the Punk style, a fur coat or padded ski jacket, thick stockings - in London, anything goes! In New York, two trends oppose one another: on one hand, a very relaxed look, with oversized tracksuits by American brands, on the other, a more elegant look, with combinations of plain colours, long dresses with a large belt cinching the waist, and high heels.

We finish our world tour with the Chinese city of Shanghai, which in the last years has become a reference in the world of fashion. Lots of originality, with printed fabrics, short embroidered jackets, Pop-style colours or black Gothic chic, with two recurring details: oversized sunglasses in the style of Hollywood celebrities, and a large handbag.

New Rock and Street Style

Womens shoes street style

The New Rock catalogue contains many collections of shoes and boots that suit street style looks perfectly. For men, there are the Abs low leather trainers, Dallas boots inspired by cowboy boots or classy city shoes like Newman and Vip. For women, there are Urban trainers with platform soles, the very original Neo Cuna Sport line, or the Texas boots collection with vintage or more modern leather textures. We also offer unisex models of shoes, with classic Creepers or the large Pisa collection of low or high-top trainers with one-of-a-kind style.

While New Rock has built a global name for itself with gothic and punk rock shoes, we often forget the models that are more urban and classic (but still strong in character), though they are a distinctive mark of the hundred-year-old brand.

Mens shoes treet style

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