Black Metal culture.

Black Metal is a genre of music even more extreme than Heavy Metal, which itself was derived from the Rock of the 60s and 70s. It was born at the beginning of the 80s with an album by the British rock band Venom titled… Black Metal. Subsequently, the genre would grow in importance in Scandinavia with bands like Burzum, Mayhem, Dark FuneralArchgoat and Darkthrone.

Dark Funeral        Black Metal        Gorgoroth

This is a raw and radical genre of music, with very fast, aggressive rhythms accompanied by a hoarse voice screaming dark, sometimes satanic lyrics. Its followers have a bad reputation, some bands having been connected to various serious incidents which occasionally involve death. Even today, family or religious associations protest the organising of festivals like Hellfest. Black metal bands which are popular today are Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir and Immortal, essentially European groups with a few exceptions, like the American Agalloch.

Dimmu BorgirCradle OF FilthBehemonth

The Black Metal style and look

The imagery of Black Metal is dramatic and melancholic, with gothic but also fetish and macabre references. Its dress codes are medieval or Viking-inspired, with dark clothes and an important place for black quilted leather. Traditional rock clothing and shoes are combined with more Dark Goth or BDSM elements to create a personal style: materials like vinyl or latex, fetish or satanic accessories, thigh-high boots with platform soles and fishnet stockings. Girls and guys have long black hair, sometimes partially shaved. Makeup is also important, and black and white corpse painting is frequently used to create a cadaver-like appearance.

The New Rock Collections

The most extreme Space collections of New Rock shoes and boots offer adherents of Black Metal models that suit their style best, whether that style is medieval, gothic or satanic-inspired. It is a reference brand among all rock and goth communities around the world thanks to its quality craftsmanship and incomparable style.

For men, the Neobiker and Oxido Militar collections offer boots equipped with metal buckles and Maltese cross or skull inserts, made in black lacquer or vintage brown leather. For women, there are the Canyon and Magneto collections with sexy pumps and the Dark Fetish collection of fetish boots. Many Metal-lovers care about animal rights, which New Rock takes into consideration, offering certain models of shoes and boots made in vegan leather.

Black Metal boots

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