Pin-Up fashion

The term Pin-Up derives from the pin that American soldiers would use to tack pictures of their favourite models to their dormitory walls, which shows how much this style is connected to the rockabilly of the 50s. But to find the first erotic prints that foreshadow the sensual poses of Betty Page or Marilyn Monroe, we need to go back to the end of the 19th century. A movement more than simply a fashion, that would accompany the liberation of women throughout the 20th century.

Marylin Monroe      Betty Page      Brigitte Bardot

In the collective imagination, a pin-up is a tall woman, with slender legs and long, curly hair, wearing a rather short outfit to show off her best assets. In France, Brigitte Bardot would become the best representation of this trend for two decades. In the 60s, tattoos began to appear, and in the 70s the style continued with the use of the pin-up in advertisements, after which it split into numerous sub-movements, like the Lolitas inspired by Japanese manga or burlesque theatre.

Pin-Up style

The Pin-Up look and its variants

Glamourous without being vulgar, a pin-up rockabilly outfit is composed of very short denim shorts or a pencil skirt, a loose white blouse, slightly unbuttoned, or a t-shirt with a rock ‘n’ roll print. Another option is a dress with a Western-style skirt, or a vinyl legging and Perfecto jacket for a more modern look. On the feet, a pair of pumps, Creepers or cowboy boots. Everyone follows their own preferences, be it a sailor outfit with horizontal stripes or avintage beach look with a tied sarong and a flower in the hair. And we can’t forget the makeup: classic, but heightened by fake eyelashes and a heavy black eyeliner.

Pin-Up look

New Rock and Pin-Up style

The New Rock catalogue has many shoes with high heels and leather boots that suit different pin-up styles. The very rockabilly Bull collection offers pumps and boots with metal high heels, Creepers with platform soles, and we shouldn’t forget the magnificent snakeskin cowboy boots of the Luxury collection, which make for a perfect femme fatale look.

Pin-Up shoes

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