New Rock brand history

The story begins in 1929 with the Ortuño family, who kept the family tradition alive in the making of shoes. The brand was created in 1978 and rose to fame quickly for its craftsmanship and quality products. Today, New Rock is a truly international brand leader, with sales in more than 50 countries. Devoted to offering top-quality products, New Rock releases new designs every year. Some shoes have become cult in the Gothic and punk fashion world over the years.

Map New Rock France

Thanks to its inventiveness, New Rock has created a wide range of products respecting high quality standards. We develop and manufacture reliable premium products and we propose innovative design. Our success has been made possible by our commitment to produce high-quality shoes with handmade finishes, much appreciated.

Our design team strives to offer you the best of fashion and offers you innovative shoes to make your day better.

New Rock un gage de qualité dans le monde

*New Rock France provides free delivery for France and Belgium for every purchase over 75€, via Mondial Relais Mon commerçant.