Alternative boots

Alternative boots from New Rock

For those who don't know the rules of the Gothic fashion, remember that gothic shoes are definitely beyond the ordinary. Yet, some boots are more eye-catching than others. If you want to arouse curiosity and assert your lifestyle, these awesome boots are your wardrobe essentials.

Extravagant and sexy boots for a glamorous look

Do you want to have a style that is gothic, sexy and glamorous all at the same time? Our stiletto boots are a must-have and will give you an air of independence mixed with gothic fashion. They feature a metallic heel and show off several buckled straps along its length. Decorated with faux fur, chains, skulls, leopard skin, flames and other details, these high-quality gothic, stiletto shoes will make you look great for a night out on the town. In a more punk style, platform boots display their multicoloured tones and metallic details. Step out in style with thigh-high boots that will make your legs appear longer.

Flashy and extravagant boots for men

Platform boots are not just for women! They can also be a must-have in a men’s wardrobe and complete a gothic or punk outfit perfectly. Dark colours generally make up the bulk of a men’s wardrobe. Add it a touch of extravagance with metallic pins, holes in the soles, leather horns on the surface of the boot, chains and laces. Wedge boots will combine perfectly with a steampunk look thanks to their high-quality leather and unique finishes. Some of them feature python skin details. Set the pace of the western lifestyle with our cowboy boots. These shoes are true pieces of art with their handcrafted decorations and their closures featuring skull details.

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