Brown leather boots


Brown leather boots from New Rock

With its natural leather colours and quality materials, the brown leather boot gives your style a dash of rebellion and elegance. Try our cowboy boots to enhance your rock outfit or our platform boots if you like this style. There's no accounting for taste!


Brown leather high heel boots for a women’s gothic look

In our women’s collections, the brown leather heel boot offers a wide variety of styles. The flat heels will enhance a punk military outfit with their camouflage decorations and big buckles. Combine gothic and chic with style with our silver high heel boots. Often featuring metal chains, they can also be enriched with Victorian style arabesques. Pair these shoes with a long red dress or a skirt with ruffles. The sexy and punk woman will love to wear our platform boots. In brown colour, they are gladly endowed with metal finishes, pimples and leather straps. They are perfect worn with leather pants or a tight mini skirt. The stiletto boots will delight the ones who like to think outside the box. A lot of elegance and a dash of chic are the prerogative of these very glamorous shoes

A genuinely masculine style with brown leather boots

A symbol of manhood, the biker boots often come in colours that evoke nature such as brown, terracotta, charcoal or tile red. Their leather buckles and patterns are an invitation to ride your motorcycle and explore new places. Both rock and rebel, men's flat heel boots will surprise you with their vintage coating, faux-crocodile details or army print. They will rock with a pair of camouflage pants. Feel stylish in our stunning leather eccentric platform boots. Whether you have a gothic, a punk or a steampunk style, these gorgeous leather boots will feel awesome. They feature an interesting strong heel, metal finishes and leather lining. Pair our platform heel boots with a long coat and skinny jeans. An exquisite addition to any men's wardrobe who has a bit of an edge to him. Stunning heels, buckles and metallic finishes characterize these shoes.

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