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New Rock fashion accessories

Browse our fashion accessories collections: you will find helmets, belts, handbags and all the spare parts you need for your New Rock shoes. Start building your wardrobe properly with fashion accessories that fit your personal style. Buy shoe repair parts like heels, soles, buckles, etc. and give your favorite pair of shoes a new life or create your own custom shoes.

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  • Jewelry

    Complete your look with our stylish range of jewelry from New Rock. From rings to bracelets to earings, you'll find the perfect gothic accessory to fit your personal side.

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  • Helmets

    New Rock motorcycle helmets have been fully customized. They have been designed to offer you comfort and quality while respecting the safety standards. Attention to detail, use of the finest materials and design combined with quality characterise our collections.

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  • Hats and caps

    Discover our inspired hats and caps and become our best brand advocate - dressed top to toe in New Rock!

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    The boutique New Rock France has the privilege in partnership with the company Last Rebels, manufacturer of leather clothing since 1963, to offer you to combine with your pleasure and your comfort to wear shoes and boots New Rock a cap collection in Excellent quality leather made in Europe to complete your look and satisfy your desires.

  • Belts

    New Rock's wide range of leather belts makes it easy for you to complete your look. New Rock leather belts are made with passion, honoring the tradition of quality. A special selection in the choice of leathers will offer you both flexibility and resistance. Our belts bring allure and elegance to your outfit. You will find different styles of leather belts, from gothic to punk rock style. Our extensive range includes vintage leather belts which are a great addition to your wardrobe.

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  • Bracelets

    Add the final touches to your look with our large selection of bracelets. Made with black leather and metallic spikes, our studded bracelets are perfect to give your wrists the exact gothic or heavy metal biker look. 

  • Watches

    Give your look the final touch with our leather watches, specially designed with great care. Our watches highlight the standing as well as the character of the wearer. Discover our watches collection for men and women. Moreover, we aim for precision, quality, durability, and reliability.

  • Perfumes

    Perfume is the indispensable complement to your New Rock look. Add our perfumes to your fragrance wardrobe and reveal your personality. Our perfumes come in an original packaging.

  • Purses & Wallets

    Whether you're looking for a replacement for yourself or a high-quality gift for a loved one, shop our range of wallets and purses, designed with the utmost respect and attention. Our leather purses and wallets will allow you to think outside the box and reveal your personality.

  • Motorcycle shin guards

    At New Rock France, we take pride in each and every design we make. Designed to guard against any type of impact, our shin guards respect the safety standards. A great choice for bikers of all experience levels.

  • Handbags

    New Rock France offers a wide range of leather handbags for women. We offer high quality handbags that look good all year and that are suitable for any occasion. All of our handbags are made of the highest quality materials and include elegant and inventive touches.

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  • Motorcycle Bags

    New Rock France offers you a whole range of motorbike leather and saddle bags. Manufactured with the utmost care, our saddle bags are perfect for keeping your luggage secure. Only the finest quality leather is being produced throughout our entire process. Our Leather bags are offered in varying styles and can be used for any kind of motorcycle, trail or roadster.

  • Insoles

    New Rock France offers you a whole range of insoles specially designed for New Rock boots and shoes. By replacing your shoes insoles you can significantly increase your comfort.

*New Rock France provides free delivery for France and Belgium for every purchase over 75€, via Mondial Relais Mon commerçant.