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  • Chrono

    The Chrono collection from New Rock, trainers for men and women. Manufactured with the greatest care, this collection of trainers with an unusual look will delight you. This collection is very fashionable and will allow you to differentiate yourself from the banal models of other brands. Get the New Rock attitude with this Chrono trainer collection.

    The Chrono collection by New Rock France

  • Comfort-Light

    Comfort-Light shoes and boots for men and women are certified with the high quality label “confort plus”. Discover all the unisex shoes in our collection. Comfort-Light shoes are manufactured with top-quality materials, providing comfort and durability. Step out in style with the shoes from New Rock! They look great and are comfortable and practical at the same time. 

  • Crash

    The shoes or sneakers from the Crash collection are made of genuine leather and look and an original fashion design. Extremely punk and rock style, its design demonstrates the power and finish of Newrock. With this Crash collection you'll have the New Rock attitude, you'll be at the forefront of fashion in a new punk rock style. Fashion and design with the most forward thinking original newrock power.

  • Creepers

    If you’re looking for high-quality shoes with an exceptional durability, then look no further: Creepers are a fashion mainstay, with their double insole typical from the 70s. They remind us of these times where punks and skas were hitting the streets of London. These creepers are a must-have accessory to complete every women’s and men's wardrobe, adding character and personality to your gothic or rockabilly style. Both double sole or triple sole creepers will look great on you.  

  • Furious

    Furious collection from New Rock features leather low-top and high-top trainers for men and women. Crafted with the utmost care and featuring beautiful details, this sneakers collection will give you a futuristic look. Hit the streets with style with our trainers and dare to be different in a pair of New Rock shoes.

  • Hybrid

    Always looking further ahead on finding new designs, we decided to create a new collection of leather shoes and metallic heels that would provide a hell of a look while still being comfortable. New Rock boots are known around the world for their comfort and durability and each pair of shoes in our collection is made to exceptional quality standards. Our Hybrid shoes are made from the finest-quality materials.

  • Luxury
  • Metal Toe

    Metal Toe collection from New Rock offers a wide range of traditional gothic boots. We added our touch without compromising on quality. You will love these boots from New Rock and they will give an awesome look!

  • Metallic

    If you’re looking for the style and comfort of gothic shoes with a unique design from New Rock, then these Metallic shoes are made for you! Available in a wide range of colours, they will add character and personality to your style. New Rock shoes are made with passion, honoring the tradition of quality. Browse our collection and find all Metallic shoes and boots. 

  • Motorock

    Motorock shoes and boots have been designed to offer men and women comfort and quality while respecting our quality standards. Attention to detail, use of the finest materials and design combined with quality characterise our collections. Motorock shoes feature metallic heels and will give you a great look, whether you have a rock or biker style.

  • Newmili

    All of our shoes are made of the highest quality materials and include elegant and inventive touches, and these Newmili rangers boots are no exception. Made of leather, they come in various colours and style and are very comfortable. Our shoes are made entirely of leather with top quality materials. These stylish leather boots stand apart from commercial fashion and reflect New Rock spirit. Our long experience in the manufacture of footwear is a sign of quality and authenticity for anyone who is looking for durable and comfortable shoes. 

  • Pisa

    The unisex sneakers from the Pisa collection are very trendy and easy to wear. They will offer you an original design while maintaining high quality standards. Our long experience in the manufacture of footwear is a sign of quality and authenticity for anyone who is looking for durable and comfortable shoes. Think outside the box in a pair of New Rock trainers.

  • Ranger
  • Retro

    Discover the ranger boots, boots and shoes from the Retro collection by New Rock. These boots and shoes are handcrafted from the finest-quality leather.   

  • Space

    These gothic boots from New Rock are a must-have accessory for the gothic man and the gothic woman. They feature an awesome metallic platform sole. The effect they add to your legs will create an irresistible look, whether you are a man or a woman. Satisfy all your needs with a pair of New Rock shoes. Browse now our large range of unisex shoes for any style and discover our special offers and new arrivals.  

  • Tank

    The boots and shoes of the Tank collection with its provocative soles are perfect models for the Gothic, heavy metal or black metal universe. In an incredible style, the Tank collection from New Rock, gives all the authenticity of trendy shoes by celebrating the cult of quality know-how in design and manufacture. Today this collection is a reference for the brand New Rock, find in our shop all the extravagant models of the shoes and boots of the Tank collection.

  • Tank Power
  • Techno

    Techno shoes and boots for men and women are made on the basis of our quality label. Discover all our models of unisex shoes and all the diversity of our range to respect people concerned about owning Techno models with an ever more daring look. This new trend for our brand to offer models to larger audiences, the Techno collection is part of this new direction to open up our know-how in the creation of mixed shoes while maintaining our desire to create high quality and innovative shoes.

  • Turbo

    Turbo shoes are a must-have of gothic fashion and we take great pride in manufacturing these high-quality shoes. Our shoes are handcrafted with the utmost care from the finest-quality leathers. By wearing these Turbo boots, you will inspire many people and you will make some jealous. Be ready to hit the streets in a pair of New Rock shoes and never compromise on your style. 


    This Vegan collection from New Rock features boots made from natural products. We use rubber for the soles of our shoes. Designed for people who care, these vegetable leather boots combine the respect of the nature and the world of fashion, without compromising on quality.

  • wild
  • WALL
  • West

    Cowboy boots are an essential element of the western lifestyle. Expect the best in design and comfort from New Rock! Each pair of boots in our collection is made to exceptional quality standards. Our leather cowboy boots feature exquisite details and will satisfy all your needs.

  • Rebel
  • Skate

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